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Fitness & Squas court

Fitness & Squas court

The fitness center located in the leisure center in close proximity of our hotel provides excellent facilities for both aerobic and strengthening trainings. Different weights, multifunctional machines and a treadmill are available for guests addicted to some movement.

A fully equipped 135 square meter fitness room is open all year round, waiting for all our guests who are familiar with the dumbbells and bedsteads and those who have not yet ventured into the fitness room.

Personal trainers will assist you to set realistic goals and help our guests to pursue their physical exercises with sufficient intensity and regularity. The equipments and sporting items provide the ideal opportunity to your healthy free time keeping you on track with regular exercises.

Squash court

In the leisure center, located right next to our hotel, there are 2 international squash courts with international ratings, awaiting the sports enthusiasts.

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